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Scarlet Macaws

Planning your Trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a relatively small country to visit and several different regions can be visited in one trip. A popular holiday is to combine stays in several rainforest lodges and then transfer to the coast for some beach relaxation.

When To Go

Holidays to Costa Rica occur all year round with the high season in Costa Rica between December and April. Expect rain at any time in Costa Rica, but generally the rainy season starts in May and ends in November. September and October are months to avoid in most areas of Costa Rica, but on the Caribbean Coast this is best time to go, when the seas are calmer for snorkelling and turtles are hatching in Tortuguero.


The average temperature in Costa Rica is between 21 and 27°C but there are many different microclimates within the country. November, December and January are generally the coolest months and the hottest months are March to May. The Central Valley has the most consistent average temperature around 24°C year round. The Guanacaste, Nicoya Peninsuala and Central Pacific regions have a more distinct dry season between December and April. The Caribbean has a unique microclimate and is generally hot and humid year round with plenty of rain and dryer months of Feb to March and September to October.

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